Getting Started

Get a Welcome Package
*For HK / Macau doctors only.

Share your name card with us.
Please contact our sales team at +852 3766 0783 to get Modern trial coupons

Send a Case
*For doctors not residing in HK / Macau, please contact

Step 1 – Open a Modern Account
– Please call +852 3766 0770 to open a new account
– You will receive a Doctor Code which you will use to communicate with the lab in the future

Step 2 – Prepare the Modern Order Form
– Our sales team will send you our welcome package
– Instructions for order form attached in welcome package

Step 3 – Pack the Case Box
– You may place multiple cases in each box
– Fold and insert order form inside the box
– Remember to keep the doctor’s copy for your own reference
– If you need more boxes, please contact +852 3766 0770

Step 4 – Contact Us for Pick-Up
Simply call us to arrange a time for pick-up on +852 3766 0771